• Design
    We have a team of architects, product designers and graphic designers. From one word briefs to fully formed concepts we take on all design challenges.
  • Project Management
    We handle initial concepts, design, production, budgeting; managing your project from conception to completion.
  • Installation
    We are based in the UK and Hong Kong but we have a skilled team of fitters to install at any location worldwide.
  • Construction
    From forests made from drainpipes, to arduino controlled costumes and some giant dentures as a DJ booth, nothing is to weird and wonderful for us to make.


We are  Little Big Design – a unique design company that focuses on delivery innovative ethical creations
to inspire, thrill and sometimes slightly perplex those that encounter what we make.

Who we are..
We are a small team of designers with a greater network of  artists, architects, technician, fabricators and performers to realise any project right
from conception, planning and 3d modelling through to the point of creation and installation.

What We Do..
We build giant props and staging, arrange mind blowingly fun private parties and realise unique advertising opportunities. From the
worlds largest set of Dentures and 2000 person barn dances to interactive rooftop gardens and giant adult play areas,
we create objects and events to amaze.

Our Ethos..
We believe high end design and ethical design don’t have to be in contradiction to each other but should go hand in hand.
We make sure all materials are sourced from as ethical sources as possible and work to create as little waste with what we produce.
Left over materials that we no longer have space for are donated to charities that supply art supplies for deprived schools and families.
We also strongly believe against having ‘intern’s that work for free, believing everyone deserves to be paid for their time and work.
If you are looking to source a specific material ethically, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to share our list of suppliers.